Naming Opportunities

Fox Fullerton Theatre Complex– 5,000,000
New East Wing Addition– 3,000,000
Firestone Plaza– 3,000,000
Auditorium– 1,000,000
Historic Courtyard– 1,000,000
Main Lobby– 1,000,000
Historic Tea Room– 1,000,000
Foundation Offices*– 1,000,000
East Wing Entry– 500,000
Stage*– 500,000
Main Lobby Lady’s Room– 500,000
Loge Lobby– 500,000
Loge Seating**– 500,000
A. B. Heinsbergen Murals– 300,000
Projection Booth*– 250,000
Loge Lobby Lady’s Room– 250,000
Performers’ Lounge (Green Room)*– 250,000
Historic Rooftop Sign– 250,000
Auditorium Chandeliers– 100,000
Main Lobby Concessions– 100,000
Main Lobby Men’s Room– 100,000
Foundation Board Room*– 100,000
Loge Lobby Men’s Room– 50,000
Historic Courtyard Urn– 50,000
Historic Courtyard Mask– 50,000
Orchestra Pit**– 50,000
Organ Lofts– 50,000
Ushers’ Closet*– 50,000
Principals’ Dressing Room*– 25,000
Historic Courtyard Fountain**– 25,000
Historic Courtyard Box Office**– 25,000
Main Marquee– 25,000
Chorus Dressing Rooms*– 15,000
Historic Courtyard Poster Cases**– 10,000

*Behind the Scenes Gift
** Opportunity Has Been Reserved

Where appropriate the recognition name will be displayed in the area named for the useful lifetime of the space. The Foundation reserves the right to offer naming opportunities again to offset future capital remodeling needs.

In addition, a “Reserve Your Seat” campaign has been implemented, offering recognition of families and businesses on Fox Theatre seats for gifts of $5,000 (Orchestra) and $2,500 (Loge).

Naming gifts may be secured with a pledge payable over five annual contributions. Gifts of stocks are also accepted and may provide significant tax savings to the donor. Please call the Foundation office at (714) 870-0069 for additional information.