Brian Newell

Brian is a founder and owner of the Maverick Theater in downtown Fullerton. Brian was asked by a fellow board member, Todd Huffman to join the Board of Directors in 2009. That same year he was tasked to create a show for the annual Hollywood in Fullerton fundraising event. The show was a tribute to the famous films of the seventies, and it was the first theatrical production on the Fox stage in fifty-five years.  
Brian continued to create other fundraising events for the foundation. In 2012 with “The Blues Brother’s Save Fox” and in 2015 with “Speakeasy Days”. A two-day event he organized to celebrate the theatre’s 90th anniversary. Later that same year, Brian and local event planner, Denise Mitchell put together a fundraiser themed around prohibition called “The Bootlegger Ball.” 
One of Brian’s favorite memories was in June of 2018 when the Fox presented the film JAWS. It was the first indoor movie shown since the theater’s closing in 1987. Brian was able to get JAWS’ Production Designer, Joe Alves, to appear and speak about the making of the film and creating the infamous mechanical shark. 
Brian lives in Fullerton with his wife Heidi and their son Jackson. 

Vice President

Bob Winkelmann

A Fullerton native, Bob and his family are long- time “Save The Fox” supporters. Bob is a real estate developer and landlord with a special emphasis on historical restoration.

Bob joined the Board of Directors in 2016, determined to help return the Fox as a treasured cultural asset back to the community, while preserving its architectural and historic integrity. Bob and his crew recently restored the Fox’s Tea Room windows along Harbor Boulevard, as well as installing historic photos on the ground floor of the property for the public’s viewing.

Vice President

Dan Beaumont

Dan has many years of experience in Technical Direction, Design, and Production for live theatre, immersive experiences, and attractions for the Walt Disney Company with a great many installations in California, Florida, and in Tokyo Japan.

After spending time researching the history of early aviation in Glendale, California, he was selected to be part of the design and implementation team for the guest experience portion of the restoration of the historic aviation building: The Grand Central Air Terminal in Glendale, California. It was fully restored in 2015 after being originally being built in 1929. In 2017, it was added to the National Registry of Historic Places (#100000780).

Dan joined the Board of Directors in 2020 and is thrilled to contribute his experience and efforts towards the restoration of the Fox Fullerton Theatre. With his wife Audrey, they enjoy traveling the world, attending live theatre, camping, sailing, cycling (especially the Fullerton Loop), and so much more. Along with his stepdaughter Kristin, they have resided in Fullerton since 2008.


Pat Shepard

Pat’s family settled in Fullerton in 1926, a year after the Fox (Chapman’s) Theatre opened. Pat was born and raised in Fullerton. After finishing school, serving in the military, and retiring from IBM as a Staff Engineer, he returned to Fullerton in 2003.

When he found that the Fox was facing the wrecking ball, he eagerly joined the effort to save it. Since then, he has been involved at every level of service to the Fox: doing errands, cleaning at work parties, providing information at booths at the downtown market and other locations, helping at every fundraiser event, coordinating volunteers. The list goes on and on…

Pat joined the Board of Directors in 2010, has served as Treasurer, and is currently serving as Secretary.


Susan Bevins

As the newest member of the Board of Directors joining in 2021, Susan was born and raised in Fullerton. She spent many happy weekends watching movies at the Fox Fullerton Theatre with friends and family. Returning to Fullerton after attending college out of state, she married and started a family. She and her husband also opened a restaurant in downtown Fullerton – Mulberry Street Restaurant.

After having her sixth and final child, she and her husband moved to Park City, Utah and opened another Mulberry Street Restaurant. With all her kids grown and on their own, she moved back to Fullerton – buying a house in the downtown district and began working as the bookkeeper for the original restaurant that her third son now owns.

Susan loves to do hot yoga, travel, read and spend time with her children and grandchildren. She is very excited to be a part of the Fox Fullerton!


Todd Huffman

Todd moved to Fullerton in June of 2003. Walking to Starbucks every morning, he passed the Fox Theatre. He became increasingly interested and when he eventually asked his friends about the Fox, and they all said, “you should help save it!”.

By that December, he had joined the Board and began digging in with the rest of the volunteers and community to save the beloved gem. He developed new business plans and presented them to the City of Fullerton and other influential members of the community. His aim was to show them it was a “treasure trove” for the community.

His efforts lead to a “Challenge Grant” of $1.65 million from the city to match another $1.65 million that the community would have to raise to purchase and save the Fox. In the fall of 2004, with mere hours to save the Fox from a developer’s wrecking ball, the Foundation was still short at almost $700,000. Todd was in the Fox office with then President and Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation founder, Jane Reifer, when an anonymous donor walked in, (think “Clarence” from the film “It’s a Wonderful Life”) and offered his $1 million gift. Within two hours, the Fox had a cashier’s check for $700,000 and a promise of $100,000 a month for three months. No paperwork was exchanged, and we never saw the wonderful human being again.

Todd is the longest-serving Director with the Foundation and has also served as its president for several years. He has produced events for the Fox, such as “Hollywood in Fullerton”, “Movies on the Fox”, “Day of Music” and many others. He has been integral at every level of the restoration effort, from selecting architects, to securing its first state grant of $1.92 million from the California Cultural Historical Endowment, and everything in between. He also worked closely with the city on developing the Phase 1 construction plan of $8 million, including all the seismic retrofitting, getting the retail spaces ready for leasing and some historic restoration work.

He is a marketing executive and video producer/director as a partner of Pipeline Digital Media. Todd lives in Fullerton, likes to read, and ride his adventure motorcycle.


Suzi Kim

Suzi joined the Foundation Board in 2010.

Suzi is originally from Orange County, and after attending college and law school in Los Angeles, eventually made her way to Fullerton. She is an attorney and currently Outside Counsel with the firm of Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP in Irvine.

Fullerton has been home to Suzi and with her husband since 1999. Both of their now adult sons attended Fullerton schools from kindergarten through high school, during which time Suzi was an active volunteer parent: in the classroom, the PTA, athletics booster clubs, fundraisers, school functions, and science competitions.

Most days, Suzi keeps busy tending to her garden, cooking, exercising, and planning travels.

She likes to learn about philosophy, watch baseball and hockey, and loves cars and books with pictures.

What started in 1999 as a passing curiosity about what the old building is at the corner of Harbor and Chapman, Suzi joined the Board years later with a vision that The Fox could once again be a historic gem in our own city of Fullerton. As a Director, Suzi brings her diverse perspective and professional background to the collective effort of the Board.


Christopher Clerc

Chris joined the Foundation Board in 2023

Chris was born and raised and has lived in Fullerton his whole life, seeing countless movies at the Fox Theater from his childhood until it’s closing. One of his fondest memories of the Fox was seeing “Evel Knievel” starring George Hamilton there in 1971 with a real Evel stunt cycle sitting in the Fox lobby. Since attending Fullerton High School and Fullerton College Chris has gained over 25 years of professional IT technology and management experience, the last 15 years at First American Title, a Fortune 100 company.

Chris has been a lifelong singer, songwriter and guitarist and is still very active in the Southern California music scene. His band Bubba and the Big Bad Blues most recent album “Drifting” was up for Grammy nomination consideration in 2022.

Chris brings his lifetime of live sound, stage and performance experience to the Fox Historic Theater Foundation board with the goal of restoring the Fox to its former glory and making it a shining beacon for live entertainment and cinematic glory in Southern California.


Sky Eastin

Although I live in Brea, my business, Ejay’s Machine Co., Inc. is in Fullerton. Our company is a machine shop, fabricating parts for the aerospace industry.

I joined the Fox Theatre Board in 2011 because I have a passion for history, especially old theatres. Whenever my wife and I go on a distance travel, we will seek out and tour old theatres.

I am a “fixit” type of guy, always ready to jump in. I enjoy working on special projects for the Fox such as refurbishing the Fox letters on top of the theatre, fixing the stairs, and installing security bars.

I have three kids and four grandkids. One of my daughters is a physical therapist at PIH and the other is a Spanish teacher in Villa Park. My son is a professor at Point Loma Nazarene and UCSD.

In my younger days I did a lot of major climbing and mountaineering. Today, I am trying to knock out 2660 miles of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). To date, I have hiked about 197 miles.

Mission Statement

The Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation was formed to protect and restore the Fox Theatre, a historically significant architectural icon on the National Register of Historic Places, and to provide culturally significant entertainment for the greater Orange County area while supporting arts initiatives in the community.

Vision Statement

A fully restored Fox Theatre will act as an economic driver for the City of Fullerton creating a destination for culturally significant entertainment throughout the region. The Foundation will act as stewards of this important architectural icon ensuring its use and relevance for current and future generations.

While providing a wide variety of entertainment options, the space will also act as an incubator for artistic expression by supporting local arts initiatives. Along with other not-for-profit leaders in the region, The Fox Theatre will partner and support these groups with a creative space for expression open to people of all walks of life.

The Future of the Fox

“Entertainment is the greatest socializing force in the world” .…Daniel Beaty Since the days of ancient Greece, people have gathered in theaters for storytelling, music and dance. While the styles have changed countless times over the millennia, people will always gather to enjoy a communal experience.

The Fox Fullerton Theatre will endeavor to be as flexible as possible in its ability to host a variety of entertainment options. What can happen when the doors reopen?….


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