The Future of the Fox

We are excited about the potential that the future holds. ┬áThe Fox Fullerton Theatre will enhance downtown Fullerton and add cultural richness to the community. The Fox will be a quality venue reopened with respect for its history but modernized to provide an outstanding experience for the expectations of today’s audience.

The Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation, along with the community, volunteers, and numerous experts have worked diligently to develop a financially feasible project that will allow the Theatre be restored and run as a self-sustaining cultural center, featuring independent/classic film, concerts, plays, and special events. The attached retail will be revitalized as historic, pedestrian-oriented, Santa Barbara-style shopping and dining areas.

Now that renovation is finally underway, we look forward to breathing new life into this Fullerton treasure, and creating something truly unique and captivating in the heart of Downtown Fullerton. Mixing state of the art technology with classic stylings, the Fox will be an outstanding example of both old and new. We are excited for all the future holds for the Fox, and we can’t wait until the day we re-open the doors for good.