Next Major Fundraising Campaign Focused on the Fox’s Interior

Fox Theatre supporters have gotten used to the sight of the beautifully refurbished outside of the theatre and its surrounding buildings, but even for those who attended the Blues Brothers event there last year, the question persists:  “So what’s going on inside?”  An answer is now at hand.

The Fox has officially received a new $300,000 grant from the California Cultural and Historic Endowment (CCHE).  The funds are to be earmarked for the restoration of the interior of the theatre along with the iconic Fox rooftop sign. The work is expected to be spearheaded by EverGreene studios, a New York-based architectural firm that has done restoration work on over 250 historic theatres nationwide, including Radio City Music Hall and the Balboa Theatre in San Diego.


The Boston Opera House, one of EverGreene Studio's restoration projects

The Boston Opera House, one of EverGreene Studio’s restoration projects

“The thing about this grant is that we have to spend the money to get the money,” said Leland Wilson, President of the Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation. “For every dollar that we spend on this part of the Fox’s restoration, we get reimbursed by the CCHE.  So essentially it’s an opportunity for us to double our money and pour it all into the beautification and restoration of the Fox.”

EverGreene has already begun the work of creating “windows,” small places inside the theatre where the decades of grime and paint have been cleaned away to expose the original brilliance of the Fox’s decor.  Their next step will be to create a 3D virtual model of the entire interior of the theatre, and to create an historically accurate color palette that will serve as the guideline for the rest of the work that is to be done.  For examples of the kind of work EverGreene is known for, click here

“Our goal will be to match the full amount of this CCHE grant with a fundraising effort of our own through our annual Friends of the Fox campaign,” said Wilson.  “We’re going to need a lot of support from the community, but if we’re successful, this will be a huge step forward in making the Fox beautiful again.”

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