February 18, 2011:

Keep your eyes to the sky!   Sometime within the next few weeks, the historic Fox Theatre sign, which has proudly overlooked downtown Fullerton for the better part of a century, will be taken down by crane so that it can be refurbished as part of the Fox’s renovation. Crane service will be donated by Mr. Crane (www.mrcrane.com).

The sign’s letters are approximately 4 feet high and are arranged on a sturdy scaffolding that has survived countless seasons of sun, rain, wind and cold.  As part of the renovation, the sign will be taken apart, the letters will be cleaned, repainted and have their lighting rewired, and the supporting structures will be re-engineered to provide additional stability.

Photo by Christopher Smith

The removal of the sign is sure to be a visually dramatic event. Keep checking in here on the Fox website for exact dates and times.