Governor Brown Tours the Fox

Top Left: Gov. Brown, Leland Wilson, Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva
Top Right: Todd Huffman, Gov. Brown
Bottom (L-R): Jesus Silva, Quirk-Silva, Mayor Whitaker, Councilman Chaffee, Brown, Linda Whitaker, Wilson


California Governor Jerry Brown went on a private tour of the Fox Fullerton Theatre in October. The Governor and Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva met with local officials and members of The Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation to discuss the progress of the renovations already under way.

“The Fox Theater is an important part of Fullerton’s history and its preservation . . . .,” said Governor Brown.

“We are honored to have the governor visit the theater and show interest in the work we have been doing to restore and re-open this important part of Fullerton’sand even southern California’s history,” Leland Wilson, President of the Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation stated.