Fox Awarded $300,000 Grant

By Kyle Moore

The renovation of the Fox Theatre got a huge boost last week when it was revealed that the California Cultural and Historical Endowment had awarded the Fox an additional grant in the amount of $300,000. Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation board member Tom Dalton shared the good news.

“This grant is the result of an application we made 2 years ago” said Dalton, who worked alongside Sean Fitzgerald of Townsend Public Affairs to shepherd the grant through the long application process. The CCHE has provided substantial support for the renovation of the historic theatre already, but “this particular award requires that we use the money specifically to restore decorative plaster and artwork inside the Fox theatre,” said Dalton. “These funds will go a long way toward making the theatre the showplace that it once was.”


One of the areas which required attention was the patterned ceiling inside the theatre auditorium, which had suffered greatly in the

decades since the theatre closed its doors in the 1980’s. “One of the things we can use this grant money for is to recreate the floret pattern in the ceiling panels using lighter, more modern materials,” said Leland Wilson, President of the FHTF. “We’re making incredible progress in the Tea Room and the Firestone building (the two buildings adjoining the Fox Theatre), but it’s nice that we can use this money to start bringing the beauty back to the Fox.”