Firestone Corner Starts Its Makeover

Passersby at the corner of Harbor and Chapman will be seeing yet another dramatic change in the appearance of the Fox Theatre Complex as the Firestone corner is transformed into a scenic outdoor plaza.  John Silber, Principal Architect of  Silber Architects in Fullerton and the overseeing architect of the Fox’s renovations, is excited to see this phase of the Fox’s renovation get underway.

“The corner is being converted from a parking lot to an enclosed courtyard for the restaurants adjacent to the Fox. When it’s complete, there will be space for tables and chairs surrounded on two sides by the historic building and on two sides by a garden wall.”  The design for the plaza was prepared by Fullerton Landscape Architect Charles Lamb of Emerald Design.

New planting and trees will be added and the old parking asphalt will be replaced with attractive accent paving.  Anticipating the traffic demands of the renovated Fox complex, the corner will give up some of its square footage to build a new right turn lane for cars turning north on Harbor from Chapman, and the stop light at that intersection will be relocated.   Also, as a crucial step toward re-opening the doors of the Fox Theatre itself, a new fire hydrant will be installed for the protection and safety of theatre and restaurant patrons.

“This is really something that folks are going to want to stop and take a look at,” says Silber.  “It’s also a project that will show results very quickly, as the renovation is scheduled to be completed by November 15th.  This is another huge step toward turning the Fox block into a showcase that Fullerton can be proud of.”