Date Night 2017

by Kyle Moore

We’d like to ask our readers to participate in an exercise in imagination:

It’s a beautiful, warm summer evening in 2017, and it’s date night.  You and your beloved (wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend) are feeling good and headed out for the evening.   You’re dressed a little bit nicer than you might normally be for a Saturday evening, but that’s okay because it’s a special night.  There is a great concert happening at the Fox Theatre tonight.

You heard this girl’s song on the radio a few months back, and you were instantly captivated.  You shared that song with your beloved, and they were captivated too.  And when you learned that she was going to be appearing, one night only, solo acoustic, at the Fox Theatre right here in Fullerton, getting tickets was a no-brainer.  (Your honey was thrilled when you pulled those tickets out of your pocket the other night, by the way)

The Fox, open for several years now after having been completely renovated, has been busy, and surprising in the variety of concerts, theatre, performances and movies that have crossed its stage.  The buzz has grown, and now people know that when the Fox sign is lit, something special is happening in downtown Fullerton.  As you drive down Harbor Boulevard, you notice that the sidewalks are busy with people enjoying the evening.  There’s a few new shops that have opened up since the last time you were here, and their doors are open and inviting. You make a mental note to yourself to stop in and check them out the next time you get a chance.

But for tonight – this is what you were really looking forward to:  This concert, with this special person by your side, on an evening that holds a hint of magic to come.  You park your car, and you discover that your timing is perfect:  A little more than an hour to go before the concert starts, and you and yours are just starting to get hungry enough that you’re certain to empty a plate of whatever is set before you.

You open the door to the restaurant that has been in place on the corner of Chapman and Harbor since before the Fox opened.  As you step inside, you’re greeted warmly and shown to your table.

Here’s the question, and the point of this exercise in imagination:  What kind of restaurant is it?

The Fox Theatre is surrounded by several spaces which, as of now in the summer of 2011, are being prepared for new restaurant and retail tenants.  Leases have not yet been signed, but the Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation is in negotiation with interested parties regarding the occupation of the spaces.  The FHTF wants to hear from the people of Fullerton, though – what restaurants and/or retail shops, nestled under the glow of the Fox Theatre sign, would make Date Night 2017 a perfect night for you?  We can’t make any promises that your favorite shop, restaurant or cuisine will ultimately wind up in one of the coveted spots, but we invite your comments and suggestions.  Please forward them to  Thank you for playing.